November 1, 1971
Red Tide #1 at Uni High in Los Angeles.

March 14, 1972
500-700 students at Uni occupy administration in protest of suppression of Red Tide.

April-May 1972
Red Tide organizes Uni walkouts and demonstrations against Nixon escalation of Vietnam War.

September 1972
First RT suit against censorship of RT, Hummel v. LA Unified Sch. Dist.

February 22, 1973
RT brings Jane Fonda to speak at Uni against the War after long campaign and controversy.

March 16, 1973
RT members Michael Letwin and Karen Pomer arrested by FBI at CA/NE border as part of caravan bringing supplies to occupation at Wounded Knee, SD.

April 23, 1974
500 students led by Contra Costa Socialist Coalition (future Bay Area RT branch) occupy. Ygnacio High School Instructional Center in Concord to protest speaker censorship.

May 1974
Second RT suit filed, Bright v. LA Unified Sch. Dist, after RT #13 suppressed at Uni and Locke High Schools because of “Principal Lies” article.

May 1974
CCSC leads campaign at Ygnacio High in Concord to defend first openly gay teacher there, Ron Lanza, against firing; campaign succeeds.

October 1974
L.A.R.T. campaign against police in schools across the city, RT distributed city-wide.

December 1974
First national RT convention by LART and CCSC founds RT as youth organization of the International Socialists (IS).

January 1975
Oakland RT branch established; nat’1 efforts to est. other branch.

February 1975
Concord RT campaign against Ygnacio H.S. Attendance Policy.

August 7, 1975
RT unemployment demonstrations at Oakland and L.A. City Halls.

September 2, 1975
RT begins move from California to Detroit.

November 1975-January 1976
Pro-busing/anti-racists campaign in Detroit.

February 1976-March 1976
Campaign against race wars in Detroit schools; Arrests of RT members for selling papers begins.

April-July 1976
National RT campaign to save Gary Tyler, victim of racist frameup in Destrehan, Louisiana sentenced to death at age 15; 40,000 leaflets distributed in Detroit; demonstrations and recruitment to RT abound. Pittsbgh, Cleve., Chicago branches.

July-August 1976
Anti-Nazi campaign in Chicago Marquette Park area.

Novembr 1976
Second RT Convention in Detroit.

November 1976-December 1977
Southern Africa anti-Kruggerand and material aid to freedom fighter campaign.

December 1976
CA Supreme Court rules for RT in Bright: prior censorship of unofficial student publications struck down in CA schools.

February 1977
Michael Letwin, Susie Bright and several other Red Tide members break with the International Socialists and become founding members of the International Socialist Organization, but leave the ISO shortly thereafter. The Red Tide remains in the IS.

April 1977
Detroit campaign against race wars in schools.

June 1977
Mid-west anti-unemployment campaign.

December 1977-Fall 1979
Detroit anti-Nazi campaign (Anti-Nazi League).

January 1978
Anti-I.D. campaign in Detroit schools.

April 1978
RT-led student occupation at Cass H.S. in Detroit against suppression of local underg’d H.S. paper there.

December 1978
Detroit RT divides into two geographic branches.

Fall 1979
Draft Registration campaign; Rock Against Racism.

January 1980
Last issue (#41) of RT published.

Spring 1980
RT resigns from the IS, which disbands soon after.

January 1980
Remaining RT members join the International Socialist Organization (ISO).


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    Hey Michael,
    Super valuable, and not just for nostalgia! Many thanks…
    -aaron a.

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