1974.12.12: Students Stage Protest Against Plainclothes (Valley News)


Valley News, December 12, 1974, Page 39

Students Stage Protest Against Plainclothes

About 50 high school students demonstrated at school board headquarters last night, protesting the presence of police undercover officers on their campuses.

“Pigs off campus,” “Pigs off campus,” the students chanted as they marched in a picket line. The protest was organized by the underground student newspaper, Red Tide, in the wake of last week’s mass arrests of student drug sellers by narcotics officers who posed as students.

Since the Board of Education was not in session, nobody was on hand to hear the student demonstrators. Curious school employees looked out of windows and plainclothes police officers shot pictures as the band of students marched and shouted.

Michael Letwin, an organizer of the group, said a citywide committee would be created to fight to get police off campuses. Students attending were from University, Hollywood, Locke, Lincoln, Belmont, and Venice High Schools.

On Tuesday, students at University High School in West Los Angeles rallied in a demonstration protesting the undercover work. The demonstration, which at its peak numbered about 400 students, was the third of its kind over the recent drug crackdown.

The protest got underway at the school, at Texas Ave., shortly after noon and began losing participants as the lunch passed. No arrests made and by mid-after nearly all the student dispersed.

Police responded to demonstration with as many as 20 officers at the of the protest and, as a caution, called a tactical alert for divisions in the West Los Angeles area.

On Monday, about same number of students protested over the same issue at Canoga Park High School where demonstrators were reportedly i but peaceful. Only one 15-year-old youth was arrested on suspicion of disturbing peace after he allegedly hurled an egg at an officer. The first protest came week at Palisades School in Pacific Palisades.


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