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Well, folks, it just

light happen here. The

>olice sweeps might hit

Jni High , and if they do

:hey’ll’probably ·hit fast •.

>olice sweeps are a form

>f police repression that’s

>robably new to you,but

me that ghetto and

>arrio students have been

:arniliar with for a long

:.ime. This is what has

>een found to happen durlng

a police sweep: After

:he l<:~st morning tardy ·.

>ell, the gates are locked.

\11 people outside and in

l:he general area of the

!chool are picked up,

thrown into paddy wagons,

ond taken to the station.

This may seem pretty

)Utlandish to ycu, but if

{OU look around, you’ll

~otice that the pol i co;,

>resence in and around

Jni has already been step?

ed up. It started with

mder cover narcs busting

several students.

rhen one ~atrol car was

permanently assigne-d

to· Uni High. Officers

Romero and Kontuzos

~cca .sionaly appeared on

~arnpus. Now, at least

two black-and-whites·

and a~ occa sional unmarked

car can be seen everyday

in the Uni area. If they’

catch campus, they

no longer merely warn you,

they fill out·a “scare

card” with your name and

homeroom number on it

and turn that in to· the . ·

princepal. They might

even search you. The polic.

e walk the campus everyday.

Dr. Juhnke has

threatened to cancel all

the lunch passes. Ane we

still don’t know who all

r..he narcs. . .are~ ~ ·

· \-

What is the reason for

all of this harassment?

The pigs claim that they

are protecting the surrounding

comrnuntiy from burglary,

destruction of private property,

and general public

nuicance. But as far as

these purposes go, they’ve

been surprisingly’ ineffe-c•- -.– ·

tive. Instead .of dispurs-

·ing groups of students who

~ang around on neighbor’s

lawns, the pigs single out

-individuals. This seems

to be more of an intimidation

campaign than a sincere

effort to serve the

comrnun tiy. · .

In fact, the pigs are

not there to serve’ the comnunity

at all, but to

servo tlle interests of

the capitalist system.

In order to perpetuate

ellis system, i … .is nec~

ss~ry to keep the people

in a paranoid and passive

state. To rob people of

the courage and hope necess~

ry to question, come

together, and fight their

~on oppression.

· The repression that

:omes from outside the

;chool i~ backed up by

.rhat they teach you

inside it. One of the

:hings they teach you is

:ompetition against other

students. One of the ways

:hey do this is by curve

Jrading. It is necessary

=or tne other person to

Jet a bad ~rade fOr you :

😮 get a good 6ne •. Another

telpful tool for suqceed. in high So’lo.;>l is the

lllility to kiss ass·. You

fin~ yourself _expressing

not. what is inside you,

but what you think the

teacher wants to hear. .

Eventually .you learn to ·’

·be nice to uniformed pigs

too, even when hostility

~~ . . ~

…… :.!; . ._, .. -;-.. _.-..

. ~·· · .. ~.

is boiling inside you,

because they.have the

power to put you away

(saying •fuck you” to a pig is public obscenity

and-can earn you a trip

to the pig station).·

The.same way you’have to

oe nice to teachers, because

they -g:ive -youl:h’e gr·aae-s ·· · –

that detirrnine whether ·

or not you get into college

or even graduate high

school, which can influence

your whole life, the

same way you have to be

nice to your parents, because

they can make your

life pretty miserable by

putting all sorts of restrictions

on you.·

The pigs have already

started hass. e·l,irn,· g .. . “wise- ,…__


ass” students searching

them on the grounds that

they might be a threat to

their personal safe.ty.

That decision rests only

on the pigs personal ·

judgement, which means

·they don’t have to. justify

their conduct to anyone.

Cc.n~~:-?-~ f5 ll.

~—-~~-. (• :. :,;_~·- -~~-,

On Nov.l, 1971, the first

issue of the Red Tide was

distributed at Uni. Before

and during school donations

of 10 cents each was asked


All of our lives we willingness of the Warrior

have been subjected to staff, does not usually

the. one-sided propaganda reach our ears.

of our homes, schools and In response to the

media. Because of this we Warrior’s criticisms of

feel the need to present our paper: our goal is not

our position, and that of to get A’s in journalism

. oppressed people all or to win prizes in

the world. literary contests for

We see the Red Tide as originality .or creativity,

an inst~ent of education but rather to talk about

trying to be meaningful important issues and

and relevant, as opposed things affecting people.

to traditional school Our goal i~ to change

papers such as the Warrior. Amerika, as we see it

we are trying to write destroying people around

about things concerning the world, and as human

school and the rest of beings we want to make

society. Most ·of all, we this a humane society.

want to write about news, we want to unite and to

which due’ to administrativerelate to e·ach other as

censorship, and the un- ~isters and brothers.

To sh-ow how little reforms

can do, look at th_e new diare

related. Ganz and the ad- rective sent out by the

ministration could not allow State Board of Education,

the paper to be freely dis- allowing material to be passtributed

on campus as it ed out on campus. Ganz knew

denounced school and the of this directive yet he

Amerikan qovernment. He knew igncred it.

that people would read those The pigs on campus create

1000 co~:ios of the paper and mo:r:.e of an air of repression.

think. To think about the The p~gs infiltrated the Uni

oppression that we are sub- student bodv and now have

to cover printing costs. Of

the 1000 copies printed,

approx. 700 were sold the

first clay • However an in- ,,

·cident arose at lunch .~n … __

which the Boy’s v.P., Homer

Ganz confiscated about 50

copies of the paper and some

moratorium leaflets also being_

passed out. As a result of

this Ganz suspended 4 people

for possesion and distribution

of the paper and the leaflets.

When one student interjected

to in school. To think pages of buatable students.

about Women becoming human . They did it by having a few

beings instead of the plastJ.c d pigs grow 2 week old beards

stereotypes that are portrave and dress in worn out levis.

‘ÄÄ·. X“1~ (_ They usually worked in pairs_. t. They have B~ack ones and women

. ‘Cl..~ ~ . . .· ·. , ·. . VER too •. In fact one of these pigs -~ . – ., ·1\U’N E · · was enrolled in Uni last year! I · tJ. \. \ \t1n After the busts (there have · ..cotÄ~~~~ . . . · _ been several other busts in

~Ä~- · the past 20 weeks) the pigs ~~ . pull out the nld.narcs and

· . slowly plant new ones. There

are plenty of pigs on campus

right this ttinute that look ·

just like us. Beware!

vened on behalf of the The administration believes

offenders, he was told to

report to Ganz ‘s office,·

which he did. When up there

however the student bad the

surprize of .not being recieved

by Ganz to talk about

the paper, but rather was met

by about 11 plain clothes

pigs who had been working

as undercover narcotics

agents at Uni. The pigs put

him under arrest and charged

hill with “sale of narcotics”,

and took him away. The 4

people who were suspended ·

were l~ter allowed back into

school, but the confiscated

material was not._ returned.

Meanwhile, behind the

music bungalow several Narcs

tried to bust people. But a

student who had previously

witnessed his ~riend being ·

arrested disobeyed Ganz’s

order to remain in his office

ran down to the bungalow and

warned people of the coming

danger. The people behind the

bungalow chased the pigs out

of the .school when they went

back there. Our modern Paul

Revere however was expelled.

from Uni and is now _going to-

‘.~ . .

that by tryi:1g to intimidate

students, people won’t exercize

their Constitutional rights

of Free speach.and freedom

of the press. However the

printing and distributing

of this second issue of the

Red Tide proves that we will

To think about Angela Davis not be scared into submission.

and all the other things that We must show that we can

we are not told about in fight against the oppression

school. True education leads of our school, and our society

to the overthrowing of opp- and we must change them,

ressors and they know that BY ANY MEANS NESSESSARY.

that means them.

Abortion is my

right of all women in conrolling

our bodies, a right.

had to use about a month

.go in my experience as a

oman. i am writing this

.s an article for the red

.ide because if you are a

.the vacurette is ·conected by

transparent plastic tubing into

a collection bottle. when my

uterus was emptied the doctor

felt a slight tug on the vaco-

• To make sure that no

tissue was left, he

over ·the uterine lining

with a curette(surgical instrument

with a spoon like tip).

·after this since my cervix was

already dialated he inserted

an i.u.d. (intra uterine device)

to prevent any further pregnancies.

it can be taken out if i want

to become pregnant. i got up

from the table right afterward

and feeling all my energy

gone, i laid down in the other

room for a while. i was so

relieved to have it all over_

with. another woman came in

who had come from colorado where

she had 5 kids because she

couldn’t get a legal abortion

in her own state. we talked

to the abortion counciller for

a while and then we left. she

gave me a prescription for

an emprin and codeine compound

which i took because i was

abortions and we planned the still having mild cramps • as

abortion for the following week. the day went on a feeling

i didn’t consider having a started creeping over me

baby because of my position not a guilt feeling beat

home and school and my lack cause even though this society

of desire to raise a child at uses mother~ood saintliness

this point. i couldn •t even to keep us 1n our homes

~ell my parents about my abortion t~ere wa~ n~ way i wanted a

1 went to the hospital early kl.d. i d1dn t ~ink of :myself

in the morning, had to fill a~ pr7gnant, i JUS7 needed an

out a million forms stating . abort1on. the £eel1ng was

(lying) that i no longer lived””’ mor7 of a.loneliness .. of,.·~ ‘··~”

– . ·with roy parents . …C:he·,eost of · .~ol! ba~ to everyday 11 ~e.

my abortion was $200 which and sin·ce 1t was all over l.

oman reading this you might

ave to go· through it someday

specially since the forms of

irth control we have available

o us are. never 100′ safe and

ffective:· It ahows-wh.ere the

·overnments priorities are as

t spends so much money in

let Nam ;md in putting

an on the moon(notice the ·

ord “man” meaning the whole

uman race) , but still we have

o-completely effective method

or preventing birth. We arn’t

upposed to even have birth

ontrol dev1ces acessible to

s if we’re. under 18. Reagan

ust vetoed a bill that would

ave made birth control and

bor.tions available to us

ithout our parents consent.

.f you are a man reading about

y experiences you may begin

o understand and be able to

i ve love and support to a

oJVan going through it;

~wasn’t using e~y kind of

ontraception when i made love

o when my period was late i

egan to worry but friends

old me that it was because

was worrving that my period

as late. a. month later . and

till n? period. ~ was going

razy fear and worry but

didn’t want to go to the

ree clinic or doctor and

,ake it real. ~ felt dizzy

ometimes in the mornings

ut thought it was psy-.

,ological. Finally with

elp from friends an~ knowng

more about what i ·could

lo if i was pregnant, i went

.o the doctor. ana gave her

‘ urine speciman. ~hen i,.

:ound out _the next day ~hat

~e test was positive i start•

d to. feel stronger in knowing

rhat :a. had to do- j. got in

:ouch with a friend who works

:or a gynecolo ist who does

shows what kind of women they couldn’t (or wasn’t supposed

are availab~e to for b.eing to) ask any one fc;>r fl!UP~ort.

a minor operation. i had well 7ven thouqp 1.d1dn t,

some blood taken and was my frl.ends saw i ~as sad and

given a sedative along with gave me the love 1 needed. tc;>

another woman who was going ge~ over :my bl1;1es • now w~1tmg

to have an abortion. she was th1s_ all ~own 1t seems like

about 30 and had already had a long time ago but it _ef~ect$

a child without getting married. something mY friends and 1. are

i think 8he fe1.t guilty about working on now. we are tq1ng

making her choice to be an t? get a room, here at un1 where

independent working woman, Wc;>meri could co~ and 97t

not a child-bearer. she was b1rth control 1nformat1on or

there with her fiancee. abortion support and referral.

she came out of the treat- also it would be a place where

ment room after abortion and women could get together and

told roy friends not to depend talk about the pain and joy

on any man cause they’ 11 jUst of being a wc;>men. i was lucky

leave you, just depend on to have a fr1end who worked·

yourself and other women. for roy new doctor but i can · ·

she left and went back to imagine what a nightmare it

work. Meanwhile i was in would have been looking all

another treatment room over the city, . maybe resorting

listening to jimi hendrix to some miscarriage pills i

(they turned on the radio knew nothing about, or having ,

for me) i was alone and an abortion by someone other

pretty spaced out from the. than a co!ltPetent, medically

sedat~ve and thinking that trained a’ortionist. hopefully’

i was in a good mood and not within the next few weeks no

scared at all. then the woman at Uni will have this

abortion courtsillor came in worry and will have this

and talked to me about the service to tlirn to.

procedure. she was so far i hope this articie

out , during the whole time gave you some understanding

she talked to me really calm- of roy experience and that you

ly and friendly. the doctor could help some woman or

came in, he was pretty far yourself go through an

out and also there was a abortion.

nurse. he gave me anesthetic 1 would like to fight

shot in roy cervix and dial- for all women being able to

ated my cerviacal canal. i . control our bodies. the social

fe~t some bad cramps from . pressure and trauma that goes

th1s. the doctor then in- into this ten to fifteen minserted

a hollow tube called ute operation .is both ridthe

vacurette into the uterus.. iculous and sad. •


Ti1e conflict in tile ;.;iddle

East started a long time ago.

Tnousands of years of history

are the i:>ackground of the · ·

present situation. The conflict

is now going on in several

different fronts and ways.

i•!ost of the Arab countries involved

in the war are ruled at

best Dy conservative monarc.nys,

and at worst by fascist dictators.

There are very few

freedoms that people enjoy in

the Ara~ countries and in

several suci1 as Jordan,

guerilla groups such as the

Front for the Liberation of

Palestine i1aye! been attempt-:ing

to overtu.row ti1ese governments.

However the Aran

People have more to vvorry

about ti1an just tl1eir own

gover11r.1ents .. They have to contend

with Isreal. For the 800,

000 Palestinian Arabs the

struggle is to once again live

in their i1omeland which they

have eitner been forced to leave

or i.>e discriminated against in.

\’lhen Isreal was recognized

as a state in 1948, tne Jews

raade ao effort to integrate into

the country but rather they took

it over using the excuses that

Ara:Os are shiftless and lazy

(niggcrs?), that the Jews had

been discriminated against in

Europe and had been almost

,.,iped. out uy the Nazis in IIWII.

source of income, But over the

years. these have become very

disillusioning for they have

become more competative and

have lost most of their original

ideas, peri1aps indicating that

isolated socialistic types of

systeras.cannot really be success

·ful in a Capitalist society.

Isreal carries its internal

policies outside itself in its

imperialist attacks upon other

countries in such cases as

annexing the Sinai penninsula

from Egypt. Isreal trades with

suc•l blatantly fascist countries

as South Africa, Greece, Spain,

Portugal and Rhodesia, thereby

disregarding many boycottes of

concerned people around the


Hany American Jews support

Isreal not because they look

at tile situation objectively

0ut rather because of their

parents not wanting ·to deviate

. from their “culture”, and

ment and are discrimJ.natect passing this on to their

against in hiring practJ.c’:’s.I~ children. The American govern-.

fact the· only legal J.nment supports Isre’al because

Isreal is a .Jewish one: . it is a bastion of anti-communism

The racism in .r’n;eal l.S s~s•in the i1iddle East that has

deep-rooted ti1at OrJ.ental.Je e>ecome very dependent on and

(non-white jews) are con~:~.dere listens to the dictates of US

inferior and are fo:ccd J.nt~ foriegn policy to a large·degree.

tile most aegrading J 0 “s • ~heJ.r This way America has a large say

form of Judaism i~ ~ookea do~n in what happens in the l~iddle

upon by Buropean Jews as bar East. By supporting Isreal the

baric and lleat.’len·,_ I al US can also claim. that they

The ma1.n p:oblem 1.n ~r~ester~are not anti-semetic.

as in, or mos . ‘ Being of Jewish ancestry

countries for rbat matte~f ~s I know that I have to be obthe

econom1.c sys~em on_w ~~ jective instead of jus~ accepting

it is run, namely: Cap1.ta J.:m’ 1rsreal because it is Jewish. I

~rt– -i-s–re.m..ini.scent.. Qf:>. the. argmn.e.,i).ts l:uropean colonialists u;;ed

\inen tne’y attempted to excuse.

corrnnitting genocide on the

l’unerican Indians.

Tae ay!:):t:Bu :~c;.qe_4: .J.J~, P~!~ 0~1 2:~. _ am not ant:i-J.~~i!3h~ _ ~~t ~a~her .

competi·’!:;io-rl-in~yt.eaLL.:-01:_G 0 -;.. a.’Tt Anti-Zionist,(the more

operatioil, in ‘” a ~ew g~opform of Jev;ry), but I also believe

~1 most of tne weal.t .. _1′ a).}.n. that Harx was correct when he

to _.,10s., ~1an:Cage it: is to 7n·said “Religion is the opiate of

Ara.0s in Isreal hav2 unequal courage racism in ·.:.~. d~v·the people”. . .

medical and educatior:.. t:.l treat- ide poor peop:Ce. and ha·v-e _• ·”:'”· I ara not by any means.

fig!lt e~Ga other, insteau OI the Ar~ re~1.mes and ~at

Ä on tile real p!:olJl>aa, Isreal l.S tne sole enemy of the

ulers. . people but rather that bot!_> the

,_ne r.r~ue 1 blere are a nt.UTWe~ of. regimes of the Arab countrl.e~

Kibbutziia co-operatives, J.n and ti1at of Isreal must be cnanged

w:nici.l agricul·ture is the main and in many cases overthrown,

in order for the oppressed people

of all t:i1e c!iddle East to be free.



What are your feelings of the

women’s Liberation movement?

Do you think of the women involved

as man haters, a bunch

of lesbians parading around

tearing off their bras and

burning them? Or do you say

to yourself – it’s unnessary

because I can be liberated

by myself if I want to – no

guy is gonna fuck me over ·if

I don’t want him to. Or –

fine for e~ual payment and jobs

but the other stuff is a lot

of nonsense.

These negative attitudes

coming from women themselves

reflects only too well the

success of societvs brainwashing,

condition~ng, and the lies

and distortions of the media.

So you .ask – what is the Women’s

movements and how does it relate

to me? Getting invoved in

the Women’s movement means becomeing

aware of your own personal

identity as a woman.

Here are some questions

that every woman should ask

herself. Are you hung up because

you are or are not a vir_

gin? How many times have you

purposely acted dumb? Why?

Do you dislike your own body?

Are you afraid,of liking more

than one boy at once? Why?

Do you find yourself embarressed

because you’re loud when

iou’re just having fun? How

many times have you been jealous

of another girl because:

she’s prettier,she seems to be

having. more fun, she isolder

she has a “cuter , boyfriend,

she liked the same bo¥as you,

she’s bustier, she’s thinner,

she has nicer clothes, has longer

hair, sits next to the boy

you like, can talk to boys so


Women are not divided only


Weli it looks like Uni

~y have a Womens center with

iliortion counciling and birth

:ontrol infromation, and maybe

!raft counciling. These things

1re ve~ relevant to many

•eople at Uni. .

Abortion and birth

:ontrol council ing are ex:

remely important as many

>regnant women have no one

😮 turn to for advice and

1elp, since in most cases

>eople cannot turn to their

>arents for help. Draft

:ouncilling is Obviously

rery important for men

rho are reaching the· age

>f 18, and want to know

rhat to do about the draft.

~hese reforms are not privilidges,

out are our rights.

All of these things are ·

1ervices to the people at Uni

:.hat were initiated not ·by

;eachers, or administrators

>r school board or even our

~xtremely concerned parents

>ut rather by students at

Jni who saw the need for these

;hings and pushed for them.

These are definitely things

😮 work for as they help people

iith certain problems that

::hey have. However we must

remember that these things

are not by any means our goal

and nor should we think of

them as such.

The reason that the administration

is willing to

0rant these things is be- . .

=ause they are scared of the

students, and they think that

>Y giving small reforms they

“ill pacifY us so that we

won·’t demand-more. This is

called Co-optation, when a

people or class has some of

its demands met in order

that the existing system

is not completely destroyed.

~he basic oppression is

still there, even if·we can

smoke dope, cig arettes,wear

any kind of clothes we want

ditch, and have the new

services. People are still

being fucked over by the pigs

who run the schools and society.

We are still subje~ted to

one side of history, and current

events: the Capitalist

one. We still have our creat~

i vi ty crushed by enphasis _on

handwriting and grammer instead

of emotions. We still

are taught that women are.

inferior, a mere commodity

·to be marketed. That we must

Obey all laws right or wrong.

The LAPD is still hassling.

·people every day off atd on

campus. Next time Homer Ganz

tells you that the pigs can

come on c~us without him

knowing, he is lying.The pigs

cannot bust people on campus

unless called on by a member

of the school administration.

As a matter of fact at Uni

like every other High School

we have more’than just narcs.

There are pigs everywhere finding

out about people and what

they are doing.Keeping an eye

on any suspicious person who

might be planning to mildly

or radically change this

society. .

The pigs have admitted

·that they have files on

:1$-!~’la oavi~~J:La release a people’s VJ.Ctory.

“The people have struggled

against the conditions in

oeing -in jail for 16 months, Prisons ••• ” she declared.

was granted bail on Feb,

23, based on a state supreme

court ruling wi1ic.l1 declared

· the death penalty unConstitutional.

Bail was

set at$102,500. Until now

Angela nas been denied

bail because of a state

law which allows bail to

be denied in capital ·

offences where”proof of

guilt is evident, or the

preswnption great therof.”

Now that there is no

loqger any chace of getting

the death penalty, she,

by law, had to be released

on· bail. .

Because of the atmosphere·

they created in this

struggle, the Supreme

court could aholish capital

punishment and make bail

possible.• Although Angela

is aut on bail, she· is

still facing murder, kidknapping

and conspiracy

charges wnich is punishaille

by life in prison. Angela

has said many times”None .

of us are free until we

are all free.” The state

of Calif. “is still trying

to keep her freadom of

speeci1 mutlfid by the

millions of people, on

anyone thev want to know

If you are a thinking,

feeling human being,ex:

pressing your views then

you are probably ~n their

files, and there J.s someone

watching you.

I guess what I am try~

ng to say iS that·we should

. not’ be pacified py. these . .i:efo

th.~·t we must realize that they

are good while realizing that

.we have ·much more t:o fight.

for not only in schools but ·

for 1 the rest of our lives,

most of which we will not have

handed to us on a silver

platter, but .rather things

that we will have to really

have to fight for. Things that

we will have to risk· our security

and lives on b~-

ause there is a certain

point at which the pigs

will not give in any more,

for if they did’they would be

underminding their whole

economic and political

power structure, and that

day is coming soon.

courts restrictions on

her for instance;she

cannot speak publicly,

leave the bay area,

travel by air, without

the permission ‘of the

court.She must live with

an approved resident of

Santa Clara county, and

must report to ti1e probation

dept. one a week.

Asked aoout her .1ealtl~ she

replied:’~! reel better

than I have £or 16 months,

l ‘m now avle to give muci1

more Of.myself to free

my :Urothers and sisters n.


At about 2:am on Decem~

er 19, 1969, 450 members

Jf the L.A.P.D. Special

oeapons Attack Team {SWAT

3QUAD) attacked the Central

Avenue Headquaters

of the Los Angeles Black

Pa11ther Party. This was

just another in a series

of pre~dawn raids on panthers

all across the country

and part of a conspiracy

to commit murder by

the US government led by

attorney general John Mitchell.

Just before. these

raids began, Mitchell made

the following ~tatement

to the press, “By January,

1970 there will be no more

Black Panther Party. •,

dnly two weeks before the

raid on the-LA chapter,

the Chicago police oept.

again early in the morning,

attacked a house where

known Black Panthers were

1iving. As a result of

tl1is attack, two leaders

of the Chicago chapter,

Fred Hampton and !~ark

Clark, were murdered in

their sleep. This was

such an obvious case of

unprevoked pre-meditated

murder that public reaction

(including that of black

police officers) forced

a·grand jury investigation

and eventually the indictnien.

t> “lf Edward Hanrahan,

D.A. of Chi-cago and motiv- –

ating force behind the


Because of tilese things

along with their philosophy

of armed self-defense and

Their analysis of the role

of police in capitalist

society,· the LA Pan tl1ers

were prepared for the attack.

Elmer Pratt (Geronimo)

a leader of tl’le LA

chapter, is a military expert.

who trained Green

Berets in guerilla warfare

in Vietnam before

coming horne and joining

the people’s army. All

the Pantllers could handle

weapons proficiantly and

had an adaquate supply of

weapons inside the headquaters

for purposes of selfdefense.

The wall and

roof were reinforced with

steel, the windows were

sandbagged, and an escape

tunnel was in the process

ot being dug when the attack


So, when the pigs came,

tlle Pantilers were ~eady.

The pigs came equipped

with shot guns, high powered

sniper rifles, machine

guns, grenade launchers,

-tear gas, and dynamite;

but tile Panthers successfully

defended tllemselves

for over five hours.

During tl1is time,

through a pre-arranged

communications system (a

telephone tree) tile entire

city knew what was happeri-

ing. By tile time they

were!y taken into

custody, hundr~ds of people

were tl’lere eo witness

the actions of tlle pigs

and to cheer the Pantllers.

Nobody was killed.

Eighteen people were

arrested and charged with

conspiracy to commit murder

on police, conspiricy

to posess illegal weapons,

and possesion of illegal

weapons. After being released

on bail a number

of Panthers decided to go

underground and not show

up for trial. They made

tl’lis decision for many

reasons, arnoung tllern that

they didn’t fee1 that

!hey could get a fair

trial in the us. Also

wanted to

engage in fulltime revolutionalry

activity, which

would be impossible while

in jail. Amoung those

who split were Geronimo,

Willie St.;fford (who was

only 19 at the time), and

Melvin “Cotton” Smitll.

Unfortunately Cotton turned

out to be an undercover

pig who was later to be

the prosecution’s star

witne~s. “G” and Nillie

were captured by tl’le pigs

with the help of pig Cotton



After tieing betrayed by

cotton, they were forced

to suffer anotller betrayal.

He and other memoers of tl’le

~arty, incluct1ng tne 1ntire

New York chapter, as well

as individuals from all over

the country, were purged

(expelled) from the

Black Pantller Party. The

purges came down in a very

unprincipled, undemocratic

way. Highly respected

members of the Party, like

Eldridge Cleaver, who should

have been consulted about

tlle purges, weren’t. The

result of the purges was a

split in tlle Party, many

brothers and sisters who

could not accept the purges

left tlle Party 1 and denounced

the leadership of

.tlle Panthers; Huey Newton,

David and June Hilliard,

who were primarily responsible

for tltem.

Since that time, the

two factions have moved

ideologically and tacticly

farther and farther apart.

Those who remained

in tile Party have become

more soft spoken,less militant.

They have “put down

tlle gun” and no longer

speak of revolution. They

now concentrate on such

programs as voter registration,

free food and

clothing programs, etc.,

which many feel will help

tile conditions of Black

people a little, but which

fails to deal witll the underlying

issues behind the

plight of Black, Brown,

-Third world, and po=

white-people today; tlle

capitalist economic system.

The otl;er group, those

who left tlle Party, and

-took up loyalty vnth the

InternatiOflal Section, and

Eldridge Cleaver, ha;;a

‘ the opposite dir:

ection.. They llav·e become

tlle Afro-A~erican Liberation

Army, An unde::-grocut

guerilla orga~ization totally

dedicated to the over·

th!:”oiN of the u.s. g.;:l”Jernro.

en.t. They bde ar,oe.’! stru

gle as the most effective

and direct means of dealin

with the problems that fac

Third World and poor w&ite

people. They have claimed ty for the execlltion

of several police

ili- New York, San Fra.’lciscc

and Chicage. They explain

tllat Black people are brutalized,

oeaten anJ murder

ed evcryd:3.y ln Arnerikkka,

and tilat by these ael:ioilS

tiley hope to show the police

that they ca.1110~ go

Oil doing tllese tning3 witl

oat retaliation. Also ~h<

hope to set an example foi

the people; show therr. how

to deal wit.h the police,

t{~e domestic army of thi~


Tne end result of the

split was to cause open

and so~etimes open iastility

between the two factions,

which among other

tllings has caused the da£~

nse funds for the L.A.l8,

lihicil were channeled tnrough

the Black Panther Party,

to be used only for those –

~emainin; loyal to the Party.

leaving Geronimo, Willy,

~nd those who left the Party

without funds for their

iefense. Also, becduse

the Party was devided the

lffectiveness of both sides

1as been seriously reduced,

nuch to the delight of the

?Olice, government officlals,

John D. Rockefeller,

and all those concerned

~ith maintaining the status



ings. The pigs did a

good job of intimiuating

everyone by.such things

as running checks (which

frequently lead to arrests

for trafic warrents), and

having people followed

and photographed by undercover

agents upon leaving.

Once inside the trial, _

smiling at the defendants

was considered communicat-

ing and resulted in being

thrown out and not allowed

back in.

Besides trying to ke.ep

supporters out of the court~

room, the defendants were

constantly harrassed by

guards, often thrown in

solitary confinement, and

denied visitors. The most

brutal event so far is the

murder of Sandra Pratt,

a defendant in the case,·

and wife of Geronimo.

So dc=~ng June 71, the

:rial began in the court

?f Judge George Dell, at

;he Hall of Injustice.

io\mt:own LA. Because of·

Lack of funds, the Panth-

!rs were unable to hire .,,: – _.:””‘

~ounsel of their choice

~a had to settle for·

:curt appointed atorneys.

rhe following statement

~as made by 6 ex-Panthers

:oncerning their attorneys,

‘ ••• our situation has grown

steadily worse due to our

?wn court appointed attorleys’

refusal to view the

:ase as a political one.

~ecause of their narrow

)erspectives, we have no

?ne to· represent our int-

!rests. One of the attorleys

even stated that he

took the case because he

lias a friend of the judge.

)ur attorneys have made

important decisions concerning

our trial-without consulting

us, or without our

knowledge or consent and

we doubt their competance

and good faith”. To get

a good idea of the blatant

lack of interest shown on

the part of the attorneys,

we must recognize the fact

that the prosecution took

approximately six months

to present their case,

vhile the defense too:<


The pigs did a great

ieal of harrassing to keep

?e~ple from entering the

or~al and showing tneir

;upport to the panthers~

>veryone who went in had

to show California State

ldentification with pic:

ure, then submit to

;earch of body and belonge.


Sandra was out on bail during

the trial while “G”

was in jail. The pigs in

a desperate attempt to

.break his high revolutionary

spirit, murdered and

tortured Sandra, then ei~ht

months ‘pregnant, and dumped

her bullet-ridden body in

an intersection in Lynwood.

According to the pigs, who

haven’t been able to uncover

any suspects, Sandra

was killed by members of

the Huey Newton faction

of the Party. This was

obviously a devious trick

on the part pf the pigs

to. break Geronimo and

widen .tne feud between the

two factions, thus further

reducing the effectiveness

pf both.

In November, 1970, Louis

rackwood, an ex-police

~dercover agent surfaced

~d made statemenns to

the ~ress and later in

::curL. corwerni11g the

;>olice and the Panthers •.

ae told of a police plot

to murder certain members

~f the Party during the

course of the raid and of

Cotton Smith’s long involvement

with the police

as a paid undercover agent.,

which shows conspiracy on

the part of the poiice

against the Panthers.

Previously, Cotton re.d t

testif~ed that he had just

-changed his mind and decided

to turn himself and

the other Panthers in.


Tne one good thing that

the Panthers had going for

tnem was the jury which

consisted of all minority

people except for one white

. and which later aquitted ‘

them of all major charges,

prooving that they felt

that the Panthers had acted

in self-defense.. The

only charges the panthers

we~e convicted of :..Ol:-ts conspu

·acy to possess illegal

weapon.;. Tnis relacively

min-or conspiracy convictioll

w.~s the first time

the government was !Jeen

able to convict any panthers

on any conspiracy c

charge of any ki~d!


The sentencin; went as folloWS!

All convicted got

six months to one year

w!j;h .up tu :five .year” ;;pro”‘·-;.

nation, except for the twd ·

women who got straight

probation and “G”and young

Willie and Paul Redd who

got the maximum pc:e>;..;rii>ed

by law – five years.

The day of the sentancing,

Judge Dell said that

he thought that the Panthers

were acting in· selfdefense

and in the same

breath stated that tilere

is a definate need for

stiroter gun laws and that

guns ·should only be i11

the hands of t.ha police.

If the panthers didn’t

• have guns to defend themselves,

Judge L>ell, _wouldn’t

sene of _tllem_be dead

t•>day? _

We must recognize,tnat

the Panthers ~1ere attacked

by the gove-rnment for their

political beliefs and not

pecause “the Pantl1ers

tr.ed to kill police”.

The governm~ ,t has only

partially succeped in silencing

then. We mu~t contirtue

to support all political

prisoners and_trials sucn

as Ruc’u:l]. Io!a’J ;ea, so:edad

Brothers and Angela Oa:;is. I men

~~~ .. ___ ‘! _ …. YUU’Bf OUTIBEBE

I. P. S.

~is is a critque of the

Innovative Program School at

Uni of which I am a part.

We realize a few things

.about school in a capitalis-t do. this for if they ever let

society such as ours. A main people become really educated

fuction that school serves is they would be overthrown and

to fit people into the mold of re~laced by a society in which

a person accepting the values the workers democratically

policies, and goals of our controlled their own factories

society. One can see these things in which students . controlled

reflected in school textbooks, their own .schools 1 and in which

rules and most teacher’s att- ~ become important rather

ituaes. School is the place tnan–private proberty.

where people us~ally are most Unfortunetly, most IPS

subjected to America’s prop- students are satisfied with thei1

aganda, ie. Amerikan dream, existance and that of their

anti-communist,pro-1mperialist sisters and brothers in regular

crap. • ·uni hi. The·y don’t get hassled

In IPS the situation is con- by administrators and they can

siderably better. Students have go into any kind of metaphysical

a relatively large range of om, Greening of America bullshit

classes available including out- that they ·want to. These circumside

activities such as TV. ·stances have created an elite

writing, discussion groups, of liberal intellectuals, who

coiiilllunity work, etc. Classes since they are fairly satisfi.ed

are usually open to all opinions with most aspects of their life

and in some cases c:uch as the feel that they are uo longer

history and sociology classes part of the rest of the uni inthe

discussions are controlled mate community, and therefore

pretty much by the students. have become pacified about doing

If there isn’t a class or activity anything to create changes. Inthat

a kid wants they can try to the Rockefellers, liughes•; and stead of encouraging people to

get it. Credit can be gotten Get~s. help other people, what I~S has

for almost all these things thereb~Convincing people of their done, is gotten people into their

making school life quite a bit place in society and conditioni own groovy trips so they are

more bearable. In fact the sit- them to .that ena is accomplisheagbasically just interested in

uation: in IPS is .now so good .·through conducted · ·themselves and their cliques.

that_~_tudep.1:-s _are _eve!?- a~_!:~~d …. by the school and also by things We ~n. IPS are in a much. better

to ·say .-.fui:::Jt•· and· “‘Sh:t:t• 1.n -class. st:i”ch as'”‘track:ing systems In· · to make charges as

Al th?ugh re-evalua. tion. has poor Black and Chicano s~hools we do not have ~e burden of

taken place in IPS very lJ.ttle _the enphasis is on the industrial heavy pressures. We can devote

has.a?t~al~y ?hanged and instead shops and money is spent on our t~e to hel~ing people a~d

of programs that presses, lathes etc. In white bec~~ng aw~re J.nste~d of

would be really relevant, a new upper middle class echools such pacJ.fJ.ed, the want us

experiment for a small part of as Uni the enphasis is on the to be. . .

the program was started. You sciences and maths and money Teachers and admJ.nJ.strators

might also have noticed that out is spent on a computer teriminal tell us ·that if you don’t like

of the approx~mately 3500 people so that the· upper middle class school _you can l~ave at ~6.

-going to UnJ., only- 250 people kids will get a job and. become What we must do l.S stay J.n

·are in IPS. Why isn’t I~S fo~ part of the “intellegensia”, and

everybody? The explanatJ.on gJ.ven the poor people will get alien- school and change it so that it

by the school is that there· are ating jobs in the factories and can’t fuck ov~r oth&r people.

not enough f1;1nqs to m~e. al~ of become part of the working .class. What IPS students should be

the schools J.nto IPS s.J. tuatJ.ons. In this way the pigs can keep, doing is educating people to

The real reaso~_that 7very- 7bings the way they are by keep- und7rst~d the evils of this

one 7annot be J.n IPS J.s 7bat poor people ignorant, and, death-culture,

IPS J.s set up to ben an J.n- ·. b1 giving the “.intellegensia” ciggarette smoking, TV watching

tell~ctual testing ground_for bullshit to talk and think society, and organizing to

new J.deas and tl1is makes J.t about. Th:;_:~ class -hilS to. overthrow it.

-tvhdnt~~ pee.:~ a.\._

The Midnight J.s a

fevolutionary bookstore in

venice at 1335 1/2 iiest Washington

Blvd. It is run by a .

collective of 9-10 people who

donate their time •. The store

makes no profit. All t:ne money

that the s-tore takes is put ·

back in.··

The store carrie~ a wide

Tange of literature which_is

extremely important for us all

to read and understand in order

to learn about ourselves, the

country, an~ the world,cand how

all these are inter-related.

There ate sections om Womens

Liberation, Slack liberation,

education, health, ecology,”

imperialism, China, Cuba, Viet



Nam,, l’a.Lestine and the

Middle East, Soviet Union, Latin

America, Korea. Hao, Marx,

workers, etc. There is a large

selection of newspapers from all

over the country and the world.,

a whole lot of used books that

go for whatever you can afford,

posters, calanders, and lots of

free stuff too!

Everyone is welcome to come

in and look around, sit and read

rap, and some free coffee

or tea.

It is very important for the

· Midnight Special to survive, and

to do so it needs your support.

For more information call 392-7412.

Wait until you•-re grown up girls

the men all waiting to be grabbed

one for all of you, but watch it!

TUrn your back on a sister and

you just might be stabbed.

Can you wait to paint you7 ~ace,

and wear high heels and m1n1 skirts? ,

watch your weight and shave your legs

And oh, dont forget the see through shirts.

See the men check you out

Hear them whistle as you pass

Isn’t it exciting

You’re a fantastic piece of ass.

You won’t even have to go to school

or learn to read or write,

Men have other men to talk with

And play poker with on Saturday night.

But you are luckier than 1,000 men

You • 11 get to marry one day ·

You’ll have a house to clean and keep

Not a very big price to pay;

At least that’s what some way they’ll do

For a 1\usband that will stay near ·

They need a man by their side

A woman friend is only a peer.


Last month 5 hi school sisters(some from Uni),

were on the radio. They were participating in

the Women’s month on KPFK.They discussed such

topics as the 15 member womens conciousness group,

which they represented, sexual repression in hi

school, the posi.tion of women in a family, gay

;eelings, the need of birth control and ~ortion

councilling in school, childhood impress1ons of

the women’s role in society, dealing with competative

and unsisterly feelings toward other

women, dealing with male chauvanism, and the

upco!ning city wide HI SCF.OOL Ä~OMENS CONFERENCE.

They talked for. abo~t 40 minutes about these and

other topics and then answered phone calls •. We

support. these won,en and other women who are

.fighting for awareness ~dan end 70 ~o~e~s

Another woman is your first enemy oppression. If you are 1nterested 1n J01n1ng

She’ll steal your man away a womens conciousness group, there are several

So get jealous and play those games beginning on campus • .For ;r,ore info. call

and make your grab today. 476_2308 , or 475-4386. , and for women at hami

You’re nothing with01,1t. . a .call 476-5807. Jl!.9-P. by.y<:>ur siEl.e · .L,_..;._i–~~—~~:;;.;:;;_;:.:.;~~~:.,…,-~—–1

you r!”eed ‘him· in’every.wa:Y — ·

You’ll die in today’s Amerika

if you won’t admit what all men say,

·They say you should deny your self

You should live for all of them

But listen honey your my sister

so think it out again.

There are other ways you can win

Stand with you sisters-fight it out

You’re an equal in every way

But to be heard today you gotta shout.

All sisters unite to fight

the male supremacists

the·battle must be won some way


This poem was written by

a sister at Uni.

WOMENS CONF. CONT’D. f~om f’>· ‘f

by jealousy. We;re also divided

by economic and racial differences.

·Even at Uni High

there is no real solidarity

between black, white, Chicana,

and Asian women. We have not

yet learned to understand each

other’s needs. Racism has been

deliberately used against the

women’s movement to keep us at’

each others throats and to divert

us from attacking the system

which keeps us all down.

The Women’s movement is rejecting

these oppressive roless

that both men and women are

forced into. To make ourselves

aware and to deal with and overcome

these obstacles in.

our ·lives women must get toge

ther to help each other (it;s

nearly impossible to .do it alone)

and to unite – and that

is what the women’s movement

is about.

·world women, high school oppres

sions, and other conciousness

meetings to discuss your feelings.

There will also be films,

guerilla theater, singing and

dancing, and fun. This is for

all women in High Schoolinclud-

So let•s·get together and ing our sisters from Pali

fight the things that are keep-. Hami, Venice, Fairfax, Crenshaw,

ing us apart. Come to the HIGH and other schools.

SCHOOL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE and The conference is on Saturday

explore and share with other March 11 , from 11:00 to s:ob

women yopr ideas, feelings and at the Westwood United Mathenergy.

Participate in ~ork- odist Church (not affiljated

shops on abortion and birth with the church) 10497 Wishire

controL sexism in the rock Blvd. at the corner,of Wilshire

cultre, sexism in economics, and Warner. Bring food if you

groWing up, family relations, want. RSVP (try to) for

·knowing our bodies·, heterosex” information or to add ideas

ua.l. and gay relationships, “third call 474-6429 or 472-3549.

Allreet! On November

5 I was purged from. the hollowed

halls of University minimum

security prison. I

kissed Homer goodbye and was

off. To the Naximum Security

(black schools are solitary

confinement) prison calleq

1 ton High. It seems that are stuck-up authoritarians,

that • 5~ he’ was ’cause robots who go by the rules and

:>f his friendship \lith that . are too lame :;.J think. This

famous hempfarmer-slave-owner s what they “teach” you: not

who. died from clap – George think, not to feel, but to

washing Hachine. and not ask questions or

ay, on Honday morning assel the status quo of the

IN<CJV•ember s, I walked into the school system. The principal·

door and proceeded to is a token woman Chicana figout

the joint. I· then urehead for the chool. She

through tons of red. tape 1 plays dUmb, but in reality she

back and for’:h between is tricky. Most of the things

• Finally, me and mom like disiplining are left up to

and talked to my new VP.· the VPs and Segal is really the

name is Seag al, and I sup- boss.

e that is to remind you of some people wrote up a leaflet Its just like Junkie never

t special characteristic of about a protest abainst this being there and everything is

bird by the same naroie. He shit and on Monday december 6, left up to Homer. The school

me that maybe Homer was 200 people sh”owed up in the of- is even equipted with. gun-totin

but he would take no shit fice to tell the administra- uniform wearin lackey fools calme.

The dude’s sorta like tion they were full .of shit. led ROTC. Ah yes, the junior

princeple on lim. 222 – Anyway, everybody accepted trainees for imperialism. The

nice guy. A liberal cover-up. it, and it is still going on. lifers who will ue on your back

;<utrition was another world. Oh, well! I ;JOt sent to the when you get drafted, if you are

could no longer go to my VP’ s twice so far. The first unfortunate enough to get stuck

amiliar .. comfortable behind- time it was for laughing ·in into that hole. Oh yes, all of

bugaloos to find my friends, class, the second was for me .YOU future Uni graduates who

tances, and that beaut- saying out loud, “crap” when had expected to get deferments

l aroma that we have all come the teaci1er was saying that the cause of college better try

know and love! I walked out leaflet that was put out against something else! All power to

to a plastic world of glass Operation Klass room was full of the Berrigans!,

ana concrete and bricks with to- shit. About three times this And now for tile clincher.

ken trees and ~rass full of semester, I was not allowed to A student friend of mine heard

iera goings on. • take a piss during the period that sorne teacners were forming

1 ..let a couple of the school and I was told to sit ,down and a to get rid of their

Hads ~’:,. ‘n<>l’i already heard .-,w.ait”for· the:b<dl. nigger problem, namely to get

about tl>epaper, the bust, The school reeks of racism. rid of the Black students. Cute.

and me getting kicked out. News Blacks are tracked into sports So the comrade went and talked

travels fast. so’, I hung ar·· and into the shops. By the way, to the teacher who was supposedl:;;

ound them for a while and found ·~hey have a huge two-story head of the committee. It was

out that the situ<1tion at Hami shop building while Uni has a found out that: the board of

a bumma. Ti1~re were pigs couple of measly bungaloos. ed. has a program to clean up the

all over. T;1e>:e were two plain- That’s because this ·school is schools; First they want to get

clothes pigs that are ever- tracking black and working rid of all the cutters and then

all the time. Han, class whites into the worki:.>g the rowdies, then the radicals

that scnool has so much gall class, into meaningless aliena- then the problem students. Then

that L~ey put the two pigs ting factory work, while Uni is they want to put more programs

‘cture in the goddarnn school training its middle class white like Operation Classroom in all

yeatbook – pretty slick! Also kids to go to college. That’s the schools. Then come the pigs.

there is a LAPD black and white why you take jewelry a:t Uni and All the new narcs and now the

car l<ith two LAPD pigs in uni- metal shop at Hami. sweep that’s gonna happen. Then

form with gun and billy club At Hami blacks are fucked ov- all of the tardy people kicked

driving around the school all er by pigs, teachers etc, and out. Remember, five tardys in

six hours that prison is in ses- good wh1 te kids are in special one class and you are ·” ·1spended.

sian. Also they are on campus all white classes where they dis-Three suspensions and you’re kicke,

alot. I’m not even gonna mention cuss all tJ1eir intellectual bull-out of school. ·1\ny<Vay, represthe

uncountable number of stud- shit. with the school’s onJ.v s1on w111. come s-lowly and the

ent informers and lackeys on tJlat hippy teacher, · students will accept it step by

campus. If there is a fight betwwen step and the go~l is in five

There is a program the LA pig a black and a white kid, it is years to have uniforms for all

dept. has called t:1e Ex- immediatly the black kid’s and reville in front of the

plorers. They are junior fault in tJ1e eyes of the disip- flag pole at eight then marchpigs.

That school had so many linarians. Most of. the teaCh•;;rs class and then 1984.’

that I had one in each class,

I heard that they give infor- i ~VC’r4 :J*’i f.t~

mation on suspected unA.1lerikans fht \.U71″

(like mel, “.bout \<hat tJ1e c…,.111111115 ,.. • • W.c lwll«

suspects are doing and sayi~g. t.l o.~tlf

in class. Enough for ti1e p1gs. .SJ.,ycry .~-~,w4 .. ,,.,Yre.

Later for them! II)

About a month after I tJo.., “” +,. th«

.?tart.ed there c:he a.0Jninistra- pr.roc.opl~ b~tftlt-S

-~~on .Pulled a pun eli of 0ul.l_- ” of .. .. , ., ~

shit called “Operation Klassroom”.

It consists of; three

tardys and you get a note sent

to your parents, four tardys

and you get a phone call .to

,,,om and dad, five tardys and

you get suspended. Cute, huh?

So when this was announced”-


roYV’ Pt:’i· ‘ . Because of this, it is

probabably a good idea to

leave your dope at home.

J 1 If ptp alk for t..o.. you •• r~uiled to illentify

“‘;;’;he .tts Qn …. tty trllk you for,wupons. …._cacna

)=‘OU COU IG.O. 41 tht’ lmmedYM safety,” UNLESS Y’:~~O:~::!.tc:”~~:;.:,:;~:=:::, unnot to

J 1 Vou. may tM expectecl to ACCOUNT for your,.

Vou !lhOUicJ tiYe.a SHORT e1fP’-fMtton..

41 If ., .. , continue to alk Questions. YCkl ShOUld ay, “‘AM

I ur,o~Rlh~R=~~ you lhOUid say, •-wHAT AA:£ THE

CHARGES?” TIM! pigs •r• requil’d to tell you t-.. cMrtes.

I) If they Ay .No. but continue to •• ·QuMtlons you


TO MY LAWYER” (even If you cson”t t’l.,e one yeU.

7J If fllits. c.ust you, th~ are entitled to surch YOY. If you

•• not undllr Mrett a. th.y •arch you; you ~ould uy, ••1

DO HOT CONSENT TO A SEARCH.” tO•t wltn••• tnat

ftMf’ you MY

11 TM Pill tnithl warn you of your rifttll, ie. to remllin

11 .. nt Tney rnitnt uy to tttt you to t.itn a pafMr saying that

tney “toiO you )”etur ritnu, but NEVEA s·ign anytl’lin~!! Vou

00 not nawe to 1iitn anvtnint, and v~ ShOuld c:ont.nue to

r•f~.Don•t act sutPiciDuf or ~ 1 wistus or tne Pill will try

and oust you on somethint. Vour atlltuCie ma~es I

The school administra..;.

tion claims no responsibility

for any of this in-·

timidation. We agree.

T’ney have been acting in

a totally irresponsible ·

n~ner by working witi1

the pigs who have been

fucking over students.

The.pigs could not come

on campus at all without

being invited by the

administration. And,

while the adllinistration

has no control over the

sweeps, the pigs must

Giff~~;~~~t:” C~~f=ESS TO At.VTHING

; tne l ~!~!~”~;’1~:~~,:~ !~;~.~.:~O:n!.~1~0~~~·:£r=~:~

Tney only ••nt to get yOU &WIY from any oouible wltneues.

121 Remember everythint that napSMns; t•t a tetocl lOOk

at rne DOllS and 0111 their BADGE NOS.

give them a 24 hour notice

before initiating one.

If they really n~·e concerned

about the students’ welfare,

the administration

can warn the students in

time to prevent them from

being busted.

The situation has be- .

come urgent. Thirteen

other high schools in the

LA area (according to the

LA Times Jan. 17 issue)

have been hit·by police

sweeps. For your protection,

here are your legal

rights as guarenteed by

the Constitution of tne

But altilough it is important

to know your rights,

it is alsO important to

recognize tilat they are

hardly ever observed. At

previous sweeps, tile pigs

‘have used tile excuse that

tney were busting students

because ti1ey were truant.

According to tile Board of

Ed rules and procedure on

tru·ancy, a =='”t.Uaent 1s

only considered truant if

they miss school three

consecutive days. Tech”

niquely 1 we wouldn’t even

f\e truant if we came to,

school for one hour during

~~~~~~a.~~~~~~~~~~~~f~·Y three days. Anyway,

I’f”Will i.>e so s point is that they

will not see the gradual changes. not busting ror tru-

For proof look at how you, , because they know

students, were so outra<;'”‘i •t truant. They

pigs first came _on_caJ: . .p;,,:. us for

to ti1ern are you? · ·

Aren’t tney beginning

to fi~ 1nto the scenery and

~ecome just anotiler part of Uni?

I’ve got no answers just yet

as to-how to fight all this shit,

but all I can say is tilat we the

students can do something about

tilis in our own ways. Now, and

hopefully someday we will get

togeti1er collectively to fight

tile facism that is becoming a

ouge part of achool. What we

can do is to protest by bringing

Tile ·staff of the. Red Tide

welcomes any response

that you might have. So

send any letters, articles,

donations, and/or oombs to:


11669 l-1llyfield Ave.

Apt. 4

LA Calif. 9u049

Please put a return address

on any article you se~d us

so that we can conunum.cate

this and other topics up in c~ass~~~-L~~~~~~~——–•

and by learning how to criticize

tilings that you think are wrong.

And to protest by tile use·of

leaflets wall art, subversive

acts and anything else outside

of sci1ool. and inside that will

bring attention to the fact

tilat school is fucked up and

is killing us! ·



If you have any questions,

contact the Red Tide ~gal

Defense Committee, and we

will.give you all the help

and information we –have.


715 South Parkview Street,

LA, 90057.

We hope that by offering

you this bit of legal

education, we can sava

some Qf you needless

hassels. But this is only_

a defensive.measure. By

being aware of our oppression,

educating ourselves,

and getting togetiler with

other students we will

not only be able to defenc

ourselves against our oppression,

but ultimately”

-end it.

The Lenin Sisters

f>-1.. . . .· .·. ‘ .· ..

~ ‘act~o lin-ross A~

‘~ “”‘””e vifrase. …. ~


roPS·PA4’rs-bltc~~FJ Ar

•aRIIlma1Cer kle., baga, luiir goodie,, •«ndala 11111

· Nell! lnocceuible Location!!! · ,’11‘~ÄÄ


TOPS -+ MAX’S 473·9549




To Angela

~fuen I remember you,

you’d prefer a fresh spring breeze

to be a gentle caressing friend

instead of a .cruel knife

I remember a young black woman,

strong. and proud,

with a slender supple body

and a fine shining face,

muc11 too beautiful and real to be pretty.

I remember a low vibrant voice,

that cuts your bones to shreds.

Can all our revolutionary l~ve

put the sun back in your voice?

I hope so.

Oh, well,

bold and mean,

oursting with life and anger.

\ihen you spoke, the struggle seemed to reach

hign summer.

even under these circuffistances,

it’s good to have you back.

We love you, sister.

We.becarne invincible.

No force in the world could chain our energy.

Sizzling and ra.:lient,

it promised to cover the earth.

We’re all somewhat older, now.

Your ·strong shoulders are weigl•ted down

by sweaters and shawls

and weeks of days

of hours of solitude

and the possibility of instant death.

Your voice has gotten colder.

In it is the clang of prison gates,

the chill bleakness of a lonely room

in gathering darkness.

Death hides in the haggard bones of your face,

and the light glimmers palely

in your dimmed eyes.

But that light has never gone out.

Your pride and strength have not gone

anymore than the promise of our victory,

which still quietly whispers

in ev~ry breath we take.

We no longer believe in instant triumphs.

The struggle is long.

Longer, perhaps, than our lives

which may end tomorrow.

There is no end,

only new beginnings,

and we will begin again everyday,

renewed and fresh and strong.

You are still.beautiful.

But, something tells me

I really dig reading

•the article by the Wicked

Witch of Westwood even

though I didn’t agree on

some of the statements.

But reading the article,

I find alot of questions

I ask myself and would not

answer them because of

fear of myself and what

society laid on me.

Not until recently, I

have been expressing myself

to otner chicks and to

guys. And I do find myself

attracted to more

than just one male, and

• til I read the article,

I really started thinking

about it. And I find myself

attracted to chicks

also, but was afraid of

talking about it.

All I got to say ~s,

I really dig .the art~cle- ,

the paper, and the Wicked

Wi~ch. And I hope she

writes more articles, but

go into things and not be

so general:


Dear, Sister,

Your letter made me

very happy. It’s more

encouraging to start someone

thinking t;Jlan to have

them blindly agree to every~~

ng I say.

·Keep reacn~ng out.

You’re not alone.

Love, the Wicked Witch

of Westwood

P.S. Please come to the

High School Women’s Conference

Dear Macho Man, ·

I found your article

most half-assed and immature.

If you are going

to approach your subject

in such a non-oppressive

and unoffensive manner,

why do you resort to

toilet talk and derogatory

terms. If you are

tryin~ ~~ get hep on our

side of the story, we have

breasts, not boobs. You

contradict any sympathy

towarg our oppression with

your own bullshit expres

·sions. That is just one

example of your male

inistic pig mind.


Pirate Jenny

. Shock tacti:,cs , J:•lo:….·.:::.;.!v

shock tacticS_, .L’iac:O~c,

ten, theie are fewale !11i1Ch

ismos who would ratller

·stare at your oallo; to>an

your face. We,.fuck

your own tit-shit, Macho,

and get hip.

llraJ.ess 48;:J

Dear Braless 48D,

The Staff of the Red

Tide has read your letter

and agrees with most of

your criticisms. We agree

that the language in the

:article shows neglect in

·dealing with the sexism

that has been culturally

inprinted on us al:t. But

we don’t see the ne!cessi ty.

of bringing up female

machismo which is just as

destructive as that of men

We hope that you related

to all our women’s.articles.

Please come to ~~e

~igh School Women’s Conference.

Dare to Struggle,

Pregnancy Counseling

Abortion Referral

1<213) 936-74661


women•s abortion ref’l!!rral service


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