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They hide behind bushes, in garbage

cans, in basement cells, and in push

carts, churning out filthy, immoral

propaganda! You are now reading

filthy and immoral propaganda – great

ain’t it? This paper is funded by the

personal expense account of Mao Tse

Tung. A gracious gift of 5,000 yen

(2~¢) from Mr. Tung has made the publication

of this issue possible.

Thank you Mr. Tung! (By the way, he

is not dead!} The first issue you’ve

got to like. The theme is “Ain’t it

a fucking drag to be dead in UNl HIGH

SCHOOL?” Your mother hated this ish.

Homer “Hot Pants” Gantz hated it,

Doc, Junkie hated it too. What better

recommendation do you need? Huh buddy?

I thought so: All reet, get ready,

first take off your shoes and stay

a while, sit down , get stoned, and

wait, cause here it comes~


1) If pigs as~<; for 1.0 .. you are required to identify


21 Tne pigs can legally frisk you for weapon~, “bec.auM

you could be .a threat to tl’leir Immediate safety,” UNLESS

tl’ley feel an OD]ect ttlat could be o11 weapon tney cannot go

tl’lru your pockets wittlout ARRESTING you first.

3) You may b~ e:o:oectea to ACCOUNT for your pre~ence.

You shoula gi11e a SHORT explanation,

41 If pigs <;:ontinue to ask Quutions., you should uy, .. AM


51 11 they say YES, you should r.ay, “WHAT ARE THE

CHARGE$7″ The pigs are required to tell you the charge’>.

61 If they say NO, but continue to ask questions you


TO MY LAWYER,. (even if you dOI’I’t ha11e one yet).

SOYE STATISTICS TO P.ON!ER Me 7~0~r :~~~u::,~~ui.tht~~;’!!;c~~~~u1,0y~~,~~C:u~~·~r/’:~

53_,544 American soldiers dead ~~.~~~~yOt~;~NT TO A SEARCH.” (Get witlÄeue~that

120.563 Saigon government .<0 ZdieT’S dead ‘) Toe o'” m””‘ W”” yoo ” ””‘ “‘h”· .•. to “m””

5971 34~ North r_t ietnamese so Z.die:m dead ~~::Äd~~e~o’:’~~~;·;,9~01 t~u~o~~~~~n$i~n”‘:~:rt~~~~~? ~~~

JOO 1 OOU refugees in Laos (before invasion) ao not have to s;g, anything, ancJ you shouto continue to

1., 500., 000 refugees in CaniJodia retu9~~-oon· 1 act ~uso,cious or be a wi\eass or the pi9~ will try

4., 000 j 000 refug_ees ~n .sc:uth I ie tncur; ~·.~~er:~:!, .~o0~ c.~~l. someth•ng. Your attit~.~oe make~ a

30 000 Laot1-an casuatt”Leb JOJNEvfRCONFESSTOANvTHING

1. 000:000 South ;r ietnamese aivi Z.ian casua ltiea tne 1 ~!o1~.!n~~;~~:’~,~~~ ~.~;~~a!~o~”~e~~~o;~c~:.a~;}~~~

10., 000 civi Z.ians dead in· Laos Tn?~~n~~;;~~D~~ ~~~;Y~~;~;·~~;;on’:;;:n~;o;!~b~e 9:~~ei’~~~

300,000 oiviZ.ians dead in South Vietncun at the pig~ and get their BADGE, NO~.

–Dept. of Defense, 1/30/71

co~es ~ny r~s_.r·ns~ ~:1

il2V’: to O … J.·er. .:;o .-:::·/

le:t~rs,n~ticl~~, (·:n ~~ ·~:;,

and/or ;,, <;s to:

z-:-.J ~r:;·~

11069 i-~~yfi?l.-~ •. r~:-:fc

.-l8..:sr:- put: r~;t~:r1: :::r :·:ss

on ::my ;;~·ticlc ··- :: .”en:’ ns

so t:;. t .. c can co .. :·,L:n:c :t;

it:J y l1 :_,:JoHt it.

lhe Law

.i,.0_!:I__CF TilE m;L’-.]lDE

Kat Stevens •…•…….•.•..•.•….•.•. ?

Dip W Shit ………………………. ?

Kris i’issed-Off-erson .•. , ….•…•.••. , <

·.:icked . .’itch of .:est\·!ood •.•• ~••c••• 9 ···?

:Jorneuro\\ln ~ •• ~ ~ ••••• ~ ••. ~ ……………. ?

Buckets ..•••••..•.••••. ~ .••..•……… ?

ileidi .li .•…….•…••…..•……•••• ?

~~~r~ ~d ~~ L;(i ~: : :: :: : :: : : : : : : : ::: : ~ ~ : : ~ ~ ~

;~~~;~J~~iiit~.::: ~::: ::::::::::::::::: ::~

t.rtistu } ………. ~···~····~········~·~

r~-.; “i..

…………. , ……….. :

in its majestic. eq_ual i+:J

forbids the rich




well as the poor

sleep under bridsesl

be<j \n the sh·eets,

and to steal bread.

Anatole France



This is the first of my articles

for RED TIDE. It will tell about

dope, culture, and stuff happening

in our beloved school. Introduction


So, welcome to Uni High! Also,

welcome to Uni sober I As you may or

may not know, there is a thing called

Oppression – that seems like a good

place to start. there is Us vrs.

them. They are commonly known as

PIGS: Police, administration, some

fucked up teachers, and some fink

student Narks, lackeys, and all their

running dogs – love that rhetoric!

So make sure that you know who your

friends are. There are many people

who wanna bust you for some stupid

reason, mainly because what you are

doing (no matter what you are doing)


Keep a clean nose,

Watch the plain clothes,

You don’t need a Weatherman

To know which way the wind blows!

This weeks topic is Dope. If

you are new to Uni, there are some

things to keep in mind when buying

or using. Don’t get burned or busted!

If you smoke dope at school,

try not to hold when stoned or use

bubble gum or somethings weird like

Certs, so that Homer and his Henchmen

won 1 t getcha! Don’t use speed, reds,

or smack. Dig it, speed, reds, and

smack in any form, and what ev~r

amount, causes tmmeasurable and

irreparable damage to the life cells

of the human body, and all these

drugs are addictable. Their continual

use can only lead to a slow and

ugly death. Let me level with you.

I can dig that you think that school

When you get the hots for a

rock-star you get dem bad. There

~as a time when I needed a fix of

Mick Jagger to get through the day.

I would talk about him as if he were

immortal and I despised anyone who

laughed at him.

When my passion for him subaided

and I thought it was time to

mellow out, instead of fantazing

about Mick Jagger I would wait outside

the Troubador for 4 hours just

to make sure I would get the best

seat at a John Sebastian concert. I

would literally go bananas when John

Sebastian acknowledged the fact that

I brought him some flowers (or some

such shit) after waving in his face

till he noticed. But why should I

get so hung up on the way he said

thank you? Because he’s a rock

star? Big deal. Or because he

meant so much to me. Then why did

he mean so much to me? Because I

can relate to him? I can relate to

my friends too. So what makes him

special? It’s the way I related to

him. I could make up all sorts of

fantasies about the way he was, never

having to worry about having my

myth about him destroyed because I

didn’t know him and· never would. In

essence I immortalized him (and many

others) to the point where he could

do no wrong.

is fucked up – it ia! I can also dig

that you can’t take it any longer,

but if school can fuck you up that

much, then take all· the money that

you would use on your habit and get

rid of the problem at the source,

which means, ·


For real, speed, red&, and smack

are really fucked up. There is a

myth that is perpetrated at all levels

by the government, the media, and

the schools (namely your health

class). The mytb states t~e government

is really concerned about the

evil of hard drugs. This is

Bullshitl And this is why: Hard

drugs have been in the ghetto for

many years. Black and Chicano people

have been dying off from junk for

years. Why then, only in the past

few years, has it become a problem?

It is because the white middle-class

youth are now becoming addicted.

quantities of pills without preacriptiO!

UI, which are smugglecl back _into

the u.s •. and sold at very high street

pricea by the pushe,a,

(3) N:LJ:on is giving a lot of lip

service to his plan for cutting off

heroin at the source, which means buying

up all of the opium fields in

. Turkey. Doesn’t this gesture make

Tricky Dick look like the good humanitarian?

This is a bluff. While

Nixon is burning crops in turkey, and

the smoke is covering everything, the

shit is secretly being smuggled in by

planes flown by the CIA into Amerika

from S.E. Asia just chocked full of

processed opium (Herion)! Ain’t he a

little d*Vil: The PIG! Let’s stand

up and cheer for Nixon’s anti-dope’

program. And yes, all you GI ‘s in

the back, let’s hear it from you.

What? What’s wrong with them? They

have all O.D.ed?!?! Oh, shit, what

will Martha Mitchell say? (Not much.)

Now the politidans are screaming What this means is that Bad dope

about the drug problem. This points will passify you, shut you up, fuck

out well the inherent racism within you up and eventually kill you! I

the aystem. would bet that some self-styled

If the government is 80 ton- authority figures and, administrators

earned about hard drugs, why don’t stay up every night praying that you

they cut it off at the source, which become a psssified student; harmless,

means; innocuous – dead. You would just sit

(l) The police should be chasing there in yourseat quietly and

the real criminals, the MAFIA, in .. : “Behave”. “Dead” people do not ask

stead of users of weed and political embarrassing questions in History or

people, like John Sinclair, who they English class. “Dead” people do what

gave a ten year sentence for giving they are told in P. E. “Dead” people

two joints to a Narc. the reason perpetrate what everyone hates and

that the police are not busting too what those of you who are alive and

many big smack dealers is because the thinking are trying to overcome and

MAFIA has paid off many of the govern- overthrow. Dead people help keep the

ment and police officials. pigs in power. Junkies break down the

sense of unity and solidarity that

starts to build up between students in

struggle when he has to rip you off in

the hall for a fucking fix. Junkies

fuck over our people when they have to

be goddamn narcs just to save their

fucking asses from being busted. A

junkie thinks of one thing: ••

(2) How come there are no laws

passed to put a quota on the amount

of pills (Barbiturates and Amphetimines)

produced by the big drug

manufacturers? It is a common

practice for drug companies to have

plants in foreign countries to manufacture

the shit, because there are

less restrictions on obtaining huge

A~’ W\\£\J ~E-R.

.s M AS’A\\J1 iA I

SÄ1ÄÄEJKÄÄ>~ \)0\J’\

FE R(r\\ 1’k E~ ~

A ~ M\lE OW ~f~

L \ ‘? ~ A~ I A sow &


I began to realize that I w&a

fucking myself up and dreaming of

people who didn’t exist in the form

that I made them to be, and it vas

harder than shit to get out of doing

it. 1 had to realize within myself

that because a person can write good

songs it does not put them beyond

co~ -t ‘cl o’C\ ~~e )

Girl.s~eometimes use rock-stars

as substitutes for emotional, neecta.

Feel lonely? Listen to Neil Young.

Feel like no one understands you?

Listen to James Taylor. It’s not

bad to relate to the music you’re

listening to, it’s when you let it

keep you away from problems that you

have to deal with. When 1 would get

upset with the situation around me,

I would say fuck it and -go into solitude

with my records. The only

thing 1 had to relate to were.a·

bunch of songs that didn’t confront

me, they only offered sympathy. I

stopped developing within myself

because I wasn’t dealing with real

situations, with real people.

Conclusion (or beginning – you

decide), In dealing with rock-star

worship you have to know yourself and

be strong enough to catch yourself st

it and stop it. You also have to constantly

be defining and analy&ing bow

you look at people (rock stars in particular).

to clear things up a bit, I

am not saying that you should throw

away all your records and never relate

to singers again, just remember that

they are human. OUr culture b important

to us and we have unity with our

musicians, but if we put them on a

higher level it becomes imposaibla.

faults, and it took the help of my Power to the life culture, death to

brothers and sisters to reinforce me . the dealth culture.

and make me deal with my hero worship. -Heidi Ho-

JiAii . [

As time rolled on, I resliz’l!l

how fucked-up my attitude toward

Machismo (Macho) is a man who women. And the fact that I realized

Now 1 consider myself almost

non-macho. There are· times when I

joke around about things. If someone

aaka me if I want to go out for

dinner, I sometimes aay,”Why go out

for dinner when there are women here

to cook? After all, women were put

on earth to cook and clean the bouse

and please men.” Jokes such as this

prove that there is still some macho

within me which eventually will.·be

no ~!?.;’.’Ä!•

reata a woman differently simply be- it was one step toward solving the

ause he is a man, and he feels men problem. When a woman would come up

re superior to women. There are and talk to me, I made it a point to

·ariations on the personality of a look straight in her eyes instead of

acho, but the typical macho thinks her boobs. But I had to completely

,f women as a good-or-bad-ball, while rid myself of macho attitudes. So I

1e thinks of himself as a sort of

:uperman. Every man, regardless of thought to myself – why do I contow

liberated he may be, is a bit aider women inferior beings? Part of

h 1 the reason is that the women on T.V.

acho, and that’s something t at al (who show the other women how to act I know that the men at Uni are

1en should .deal .with. and dress) are pot:trayed as totally basically macho and that’s something

With a trace of drama in my dumb and helpless. And that’s what that must be dealt with now. And

eart, I look back a couple of years the problem is, the women who watch don’t give yourself any of that shit

, see bow I felt toward women. T • V • think they should act the same “I dealt with it yesterday”. If each

>ere is no escaping the fact that I way • The result is a bunch of man would just think why he considers

1s macho. When I talked to s girl, women act totally helpless (OH, women lower than him, and if be talks

didn 1 t really talk to .h!!_, I talked HA-YALP II) when there’s a man around about his reason with others truth-

, her boobs. Were they big or were just so he will come over and re- fully, he can work out and probably

l!ey small? If they were big, it was assure them, take care of them, and rid himself of the highly contagious

11 right – she could be my friend; finally dominate them. Hence another disease, MACHISMO.

>t if they were small, I would make fucked-up relationship is completed. Kris Pissed-Off-erson

note not to see ar be seen with herr————————–.;,~;;;.;;.;-.; __ _

gain. I would also take joy in a

l.rl with approximately one ton of

ike-up on. (Who really cares what

oey really look like as long as they

ave huge boobs and they look really

>od with make-up on?) Not her boobs,

er face.

This article ~s directed to all

.sters. And you know who you are.

.l women are sisters in oppression

•en though it’s a tragic fact that

,me women make themselves tools of

1e American beast, and we’ll someday

1ve to fight them. But, somewhere,

ren they know who they are. Look

cthin yourself, sister, and see bow

>U repress yourself, how society

•presses you.

How do you relate to your body?

:e you constantly holding it in

1eck, inhibiting any movements which

:e strong or vigorous or anything

Lse classified by the perverted

1erikan aesthetic as “unfeminine11 or

lispleasing”7 Are you never free and

>mfo~table inside your body, but alIYS

outside it, manipulating it into

10 strained and limited pattern you

•ve been taught?

Do you agonize because you think

>Ur weight is wrong, your hair the

~ong texture or color, your features

te wrong shape? Are you afraid to

•eat? Do you constantly spend time,

JUey, and energy on concoctions,

tercises, make-up etc. designed to

>rrect these supposed flaws? Well,

1st think about that. Think about

1ere your ideas about beauty come


Before we learn to read, we

•men are bombarded by images of what

• are supposed to be. From billlards,

TV, radio, and magazines come

ossages carrying anxiety and guilt.

te perfect woman bas a radiant smile,

:tistic eyes, a perfect figure (and

1at changes from month to month), and

hairless body -but the hair on her

~d must be soft, shiny, manageable.

1e is always immaculately dressed no

ttter how many hours she spends in a

>t kitchen. She is always charming,

tt never aggressive; soft-spoken, but

mfident; and most important – she

; able to attract men. Now sister,

>u are not all of these things. No

>man is, nor should she be. But

1ch year you and your poor harrassed

lsters shell out millions of dollars

1 beauty products in a vain attempt

> resemble something which does not

<ist. Which is exactly the point.

The huge amount of money spent by cosmetic

firms on advertising to make you

hate yourself is made back with a considerable

profit. And the Amerikan

capitalist mentality is such that in

order to make money they are quite

willing to ruin the self-image of

every woman in the country. And that

is cruel and deliberate oppression.

If you go to such lengths to censor

your body, just think of what you

do to your mind.

How often have you caught yourself

not expressing what you think,

because you know that the man you’re

with will disagree with you? How

often will you discard your innovative

idea for his familiar one in order not

to show him up? How often have you,

in fact, acted stupider than you

really are, because you’ve been told

that men don’t like smart women – at

least not smarter than themselves?

And men can oppress women intellectually

in a different way altogether.

And, this article does not excuse men

for doing so. True, they’ve been

molded by the same material conditions

that molded us, but they must struggle

just ss hard as we to overthrow that

conditioning. Which a lot of them are

slow to do, because in terms of material

things and social prestige they

gain from our subjection. In order

for them to become true brothers they

must consider us and treat us as true


Men can encourage women to compete

intellectually as well as

physically. Have you ever been in

relationships is disastrous. Every

individual born is crippled for life

from the moment he is exposed to

society’s influence. Female or male

they are robbed of a whole set of potentials

and bundled into a role

created for them. One half of our

society is taught to be servile and

over-emotional; the other half to be

domineering and emotionally underdeveloped.

One half is taught to be

oppressed, the other half to be the


Let’s examine what this does to

relationships. How do you relate to

other women? Does it shock, embarrass,

or amuse you to be called sister?

Have vou ever thought of any wo~n

that way who wasn’t your actual sibling?

Do you see other women as competitors?

Do you place any relationship

you have with a woman secondary

to one with a man? Are you afraid to

relate to other women sexually? Do

you see them only as obstacles to be

hurdled for the grand prize – a man?

How do you relate to men? Do you

really see them as simply other people

to be approached individually on their

own merit? Or as status symbols to be

acquired and exhibited? As superior

beings? As your whole basis for

orientation and thought ~d values?

Do you feel incomplete if you don’t

have one special man that you relate

to heavily? Do you feel guilty if you

are sexually attracted to more than

one man at a time?

Sister, fuck that shit. You are

a human being. You are not a helpa

discussion with a lot of women and

few men (or maybe just one), and the

entire purpose of the discussion for

each women is to impress a man with

her abilities? Where integrity of

thought is forgotten and you will say

anything, whether you believe it or

not, just so a man will think it’s

clever? All our lives we’ve been

taught that our mental life is to be

different from that of men, that it

only exists in relation to them – as

does everything else we do:

a meet, you are not a walking hole, you

are not a mysterious bitch-goddess,

you are not unfinished, you are a

thinking feeling unique human being

with your own set of abilities and

potentials just like everybody else.

There is no good reason on earth for

you to try and fit some plastic

movie-queen Miss Amerika image of what

a woman should be. You don’t have to

lean on anyone. Consider that for

a while.

Now all” this can’t be healthy.

The effect on individuals and on

You’re on your own. No one (ot\fJ

will think for you, no one will tell 0 1’\

you what to do. You are responsible ,!’~1-‘i’_

~t. 7′

)t>-‘l’d ~to’!Ä Po.3c .3.,…-…,.-~——————————– :hat really sums up what school trys By the way, to those of you who Coming back down folks, you must

😮 make you become. A very selfish have not tried weed, and to you who realize that we are up against a lot

‘ig • have not thrown out this paper because of shit at school, We are taught to

” … Junk is the ideal product …

:he ultimate merchandise, No sales

:alk is necessary. The client will

:rawl through a sewer and beg to

>uy .. , The junk merchant does not sell

liS product to the consumer, he sells

:he consumer to his product. He does

1ot improve and simplify his merchanlise.

He degrades and simplifies his

:lient. He pays his staff in Junk ••••

William Burroughs


Now to good dope. Pot is fun.

I think that everyone should try smoking

weed at school. I would like for

you to see what paranoia is. I would

like you to see what a bummer it is

for anyone to be stoned at school.

!he repression seems to come out a

little clearer. Shit! It’s really a

drag to be stoned and hallucinating

on Homer’s ugly puss! Or to be sit~

ting in his fucking office because he

searched you illegally and found one

goddamn seed in your pocket., By the

way, nobody can search y~u cept a

badge carrying pig. That s a good

thing to know. They may say that they

can, but you have the right to tell

them to fuck off, because they ~ B£1

lay a hand on you! Dig it? Those

pigs are tricky. They will lie. They

are good at it. They practice lying

more than you do to your_ parent.s.


L- kid … If.,.. don’t-your-…,11

t!IOIIn. nww .._. your mind unlocked.

it’s COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA and who compete with each other and to think

still have an open mind, you ought ta only of grades and other shit. FORGET

try a little marjwanna. All you have IT! Tell school that you are doing

to do is go to the front of the school them a favor by just showing up. lf

and ask the man with the trenchcoat. they can’t dig it, fuck ’em. Get a

and hat hiding in the bushes for a bunch of people together and print

REEFER. No, not that man, that’s the phony report cards and fake diplomas!

school Narc. Horrendous Homer! Oh Pass them out for free! Mess up

shit, busted a.s;ain! councelor’s records. End tracking

Seriously now, {that’s a switch),

weed and acid are ok in Homegrown’s

book. {Little Red one, that is.)

But one thing that you have to keep

in mind is, That you can’t be stoned

all the time, You gotta leave a little

time for when you smash the state!

Which means that you can’t shine on

other people while you are high.

Think about John Sinclair. Every time

that you smoke a number you should

think about him being in jail for the

next TEN fucking years of his life!

permanently – burn all the records of

grades, Let everyone have an equal

opportunity in this fucked up world,

lf you have a screwed up teacher, rip

off the roll book. No more grades!

No more school. Let us run our school

the way we want them to be run, or

they won’t run at all. Let us have

control over our own lives for once!

School is ours! We will take it because

it belongs to us!

Remember our three point program:


Brothers and sisters. Next time STREETS!!!

that anyone is ever busted at Uni,

the fucking school should be shut

down! lf one smoker gets busted,

then we all get busted! Every single

Marijuana smoker should be in that

shit-hole of a principal’s office

waiting to be arrested for smoking

dope. Shit, 90% of UNI’s student body

and one third of the teachers will be

in Homer’and The Doc’s office lighting

up joints and singing about Acapulca

Gold and Hanoi Green.



1\3H SC4t~’Ä’o. \’\ot\\co. \\vet

WL.f\-1.\ doott. wer.-1- o~ ?c.~ ~c.Ä-.




Don’t fergit to S,C,O.R,E.!

Armed Love,

HOMEGROWN (Sometimes pronounced

Homer Groan)

As a matter of fact, all those

who wish to contribute any info, to

Stoned School Spirit about anything

relevent to school or society, and

even if you want to write a letter to

me saying that I have dropped too much

Acid, which 1 haven’t, just send it in

and we will check it out. We will

also make public the facts about any

harrassment, confrontation, or bust

by the pigs.

Circulate to educate!

————–1!\JJd. i ~c. ov.n’\’ ith t ~-. s, for your own actions, values, decis-

We, bv.'(• s,e.\\ 1

o.t~4 t l’o..Ae.

‘-‘l.t.~ rec.oNh. ?~~ ©~bi? ~@~if:

ions. A little frightening, isn’t o.d. W@~i’OO ~f}fl@®’ifD~G it? Well, it’s also very exhilarating,

once you let it happen. Try it •

Get to know yourself. Let your

body go free. Discard your fashionable,

uncomfortable clothes, and find

something you can run around in. Run,

skip, jump, sprawl around when y~u’re

tired; and remember only that wh1ch

is truly free is truly beautiful.

And let your mind go free. Free

it of all the bankrupt ideas that

have been layed on you. Grasp fo~

the truth with all the energy you ve

got. And don’t be afraid to see

yourself as you really are. Let your

feelings out – laugh, cry, guffaw if

you want to. Think all the thoughts

that you’ve buried. If you don’t

like them you’d damn straight better

find out, so you ’11 know what you

have to work wi t:h.

And definitely work with yourself.

Examine how you relate to

other people. Get to know your sisters.

They are not the enemy. Get

together with them, share and analyze

your experiences. And get to know

the men around you. Don’t be afraid

to confront them if they’re sexists.

That’s the only way that either of

you can be free to grow. See the

Amerikan values of possessiveness,

competition, manipulativeness, for

the perversions they are, and fight,

drive them out of yourself.

11–Br_i_n_g_i_n_a_n_y_u_s_eu.L’-L-l’_l_li_t_h_t-:t-is-·– ad•- …a,D $ ~ D~ 00 ~ ~ lli)

,;ny 4,96 list Ll:’ ‘~ill sell for 2. ~5.

.~ny 5.93 list Ll’ l’lill sell for 3.25. U ~ IQ’ ~ -ABDIC: t\Of’ f MAN

r:ds ap.,lies to any record or tape ~ l.YI U’J D (..

in stock and on any order for any

ty.,e of ~usic! The more used

records you bring in, the b~tter the

d al – but onl ene to o cestomcr.

Don’t feel anxious about your~

self. We women have been taught to

badger ourselves about making a good

impression. But people only need to

do that if they allow someone else’s

opinion of them to be the only factor

in how they see themselves. Rely

on your own judgement. You know how

much you need to grow, what you know

and don’t know, Allow yourself to

express what’s really going on with

you. This is not to say that you

are alone, but that you should be

easy with yourself. Actually you are

not Rlone at all; there are plenty of

angry, strong, beautiful sisters and

brothers out there who are ready to

struggle with you .to !!_mash the oppression

going on inside and outside

yourself. But again the real impetus

must come from you. You must be

ready to reject the values imposed on

you for your whole life for no other

reason but that it’s bet;ter that

people should be free from psychological

and economic oppression,

instead of being constrained, dull,

starved, ·sick, and cold. It’s

worth it, The more you observe with

unbiased eyes, the more you realize

that the same system which fucks

over women is fucking over Poor

people, Third World people, working

people, asian people, Latin-American

people – in fact, everyone it can

get its hands on who. aren’t part

of the small group of rich white men

who own everybody else. Remember –

you really are important enough to

do something, your concerns can be

as lar8e as you make them. Dare to

struggle, dare to win. Dare to free


Yours in love and struggle,

The Wicked Witch of Westwood




~~· .”J chN i)cE

Ever since the Dow Chemical

Company stopped making napalm, I and

probably many other people thought

that the only thing wrong with Dow

Chemical was that it polluted the

environment and made a hell of a lot

of profits. Now, that’s enough in

itself, but I just found out that

Dow makes “AGENT ORANGE”, a defoliant

used in Vietnam to gas just about

everything. This is what the Vietnamese

War Crimes Commission has to

say about defoliants in Vietnam:

“Between 1961 and 1969,

1,293,000 people were affected

by plant killers. Those seriously

contaminated suffer from

such chronic ailments as blurred

sight, intestinal and lung disease,

and paralysisG

In the same period, U.S.

herbicides destroyed 13,000

square kilometers of cultivated

land and 25,000 square kilometers

of forest.

During 1969 and the first

nine months of 1970 over

1,836,950 hectares of ricefields,

crops, orchards, and forests

were destroyed by U.S. toxic

chemicals. Over 65,000 persons

were poisoned. of whom hundreds

were killed.

The villages of Long Dien

Dong, Long Dien Tay, and An

Trach In Bac Lein Province were

sprayed heavily with AGENT ORANGE

in 1969. Twenty-two women

miscarried, most of them in

their third or fourth month of


Khanh Hoa, Quang Tri,

Tay Ninh, and Quany Nam

provinces were all sprayed

repeatedly in 1968-1969.

Many women bore children

that dt~d one or two months

later. Others gave birth

to deformed babies; they

all had similar deformities

such as distorted limbs,

extra fingers or toes,

heads either too small or

too large; most of them

died immediately. Those

few who survived, in addition

to their physical deformities,

have all suffered

severe mental retarda~

tion. 11

At an international science

coEference on U.S. chemical warfare

in Vietnam, held in Orsay,

France between Dec. 12 and 14,

1970 (the main concern of which

was to determine the long term

effects of defoliants on the

Vietnamese people and their

land).a North Vietnamese doctor

reported that a condition known

as “TRISOMY 21 11 is occuring more

and more often in pregnant women

from the defoliana.tad areas.

TRISOMY 21 is a condition where

due to age and/or the intake of

radiation or toxic drugs, homologous

chromosomes do not separate

correctly, resulting in

birth defects. In normal circumstances

it is usually found

in women 30 and·J5 years old,

but it is now happening in women

22 to 25 years old who either

lived or visited in the sprayed

areas during pregnancy. At the


conference, the Amerikan Association

for the Advancement of Science reported,

but did not commit themselves~ as

to why the birth defect rate in the

sprayed areas was 64 out of 1.000

births, where in Saigon the birth d&fect

rate is 28 out of 1,000 births.

So from the people who love to

destroy- the U.S. Military High

Command and companies like Dow who

make lots of defoliants and money -the

Vietnamese people have gotten some

3.8 million acres of forestt ricefields,

and jungle turned into wastelands

along with a higher birth defect

rate in sprayed areas.

If we the people of the United

States had a real voice in what was

done in our name, would ~he war ever

have happened let alone Continue?

\lol .J.


For those of you who think you

know all about Angela. don’t stop

here. Read on brothers and sisters.

Angela was a philosophy professor

at U9C~L.A~s but not for long

thanks to the Board of Regents (more

commonly known as Ronnie and his

Regents). For they tried to fire

her, and put her on trial. Ronnie

and his Regents saw Angela as a

threat to the school because of her

support for the Soledad Brothers,

and for her being a member of the

Communist Party which they knew

Angela was tried with Ruchell

Magee, who was in the actual gunfight.

Angela’s defense felt thet it would be

better for her to have a separate .

trial from Ruchell because she would

have a better chance of getting

off (not offed). They reasoned that

it would be better not being involved

with someone who was obviously in the

shoot-out. Which is fine for Angela

but rotten for Ruchell,

Later on we see Angela in

trouble with the pigs again. The

hearing of the Soledad Brothers was

in progress when Johnny Jackson, a

brother of one of the Soledad Brothers,

and William Christmas drove

into the courtyard in a van. They

hurried into the courtroom and handed

guns to their brothers (and we

don’t mean siblings, honey!) A

shoot-out followed in which five

people were killed (the judge, two

guards, John Jackson, and William

Christmas). How did John Jackson Since Angela is such a fine

led to the corruption of the students.

(Is this any way to run a

school? You bet it ain’t!) At the

trial, Judge Jerry Pact (the judge

presiding) ruled in Angela’s favor

for he said that they didn’t have

any grounds to fire her. To the

regret of the Board of Regents,

Angela was legally entitled to finish

teaching the quarter. Microphones

were then planted in her classroom

and her lectures were taped

and sent to the Board of Regents.

But because of her influencial

speeches about communism, the

Soledad Brothers, and about U.C.L.A.

and revolution, Angela was not rehired.

have-come to see junior high

and high school as places where we

get a lot of conditioning. I can remember

in 7th grade finding out that

playing tomboys with other girls was

a phase. All the girls started wearing

nylons and always new, expensive,

uncomfortable clothes in hopes of

getting a boyfriend. Relationships

with boys were always so much more

important than with girls. When

you talked with girls, it was almost

always about boys and the experiences

you had with them. You were careful

not to tell the other girls too much

of what you thought about the boy for

fear the girl would tell him in order

to get in good with him.

The results of this are learning

not to trust other women and alWays

competing with them. This starts

around the time a girl is 12 and

grows more intense as you are growing

older. There is always this

feeling of losing your boyfriend,

then husband, then lover. “A woman

is only real when she’s in love. 11 is

a quote that haunts many women, and

so the endless covering up of your

body with make-up, with clothes, with

anything that will hide your so

called 11imperfections” fmd make you

look more like some plastic woman in

a fashion magazine. This problem of

your own individual self getting in

the way of what society (your man}

the fashion magazines~ the other

girls who seem to have everything)

is not your personal problem but

is shared by all women.

get the guns? Who did he get them speaker, she asked permission to be

from? The pigs say they were co-council for her defense; it was

Angela’s – that she gave them to approved. This was benificial for

John Jackson for the purpose of her defense. Something that was

freeing his brothers. determined in Angela’s trial was that

one of the fatal bullets embedded in

So once again Angela is in the judges’ body was fired by a guard.

trouble. A warrant was put out for There are also some repo~s that

her arrest but Angela was gonee She Angela was in the van, but there is

split to her parents house, traveled no proof.

from there, and was finally apprehended

in New York. The pigs extradited

her to Marin, to the jail next to

where the shoot-out occured. Angels.

was charged with kidnapping, interstate

flight, and most important

conspiracy to murder by contributing

the guns. She was held without bail

in Marin Courthouse Jail.

.~d L~<C -1-D ~’J Q-* +\..<:.

! !,;.k 0″‘< ‘S,e(Mli\J q(i\Cv\OL’)

+ho.-t C. +rvc Re:vd~oiÄCir’l

(<; ~Ä,)Äd<-~ _by sreo.+. +g:Ä,n~s.

o…,- L:Dv” ‘ – –

Lhc:. ~”””””c.

A’>”>AStii;ATE D by

C. I. A. 0 n 0<-t. ~



The trial is still going on now,

and Angela has been held for over a

year without bail.


People have asked us if we think

Angela is innocent. We think that it

is immaterial whether Angela coD!IIIited

the crime she is accused of or not~

We feel all Black People’s revolts

– past and present – are justified because

of the blacks constant oppression.

Power to the People!


Sunshine Lady


Kris Pissed-Off-erson

out ,











Assemble Mac Arthur Park 9:00 AM

March to City Ho II for Rolly at 1:30 PM



We. o..t-e. o. dvo c.t:ht o~ t\..e. o. ‘boll hot-.. o~ \1/’Q.t-l

We. dO l\,O’t \/1/0..’f’,,’\ \NO..t’j but VIJ().,~ t.O.”‘ Ot-.\’j bt

o.. \, o\’\ & 1\e ¢ t~1.1,9 I-. wo.t, 0..” & tf\ Of” ch.t h ’11.”t ‘!’Ä~

o~ \-h 9\.l,t-.. \”c \s. r..t.c..t.s.$.””1’1′ h.p\c’K. \A.P tht

\IV.\\. i”\AO

In this society, being yourself othero:!~e~: !~~~~;go~~ ~;~:~ons

means your interpretation of the val- h thi d

ues society pushes and many women w en some ng soun s wrong to us,

never explore their own potentiaL by not being passive and perpetuating

This problem deals with all women sexism1 by fighting everyday, will.we

whether they get married or live on a free ourselves. Sarah Bu.llitt

commune where you are busy trying to

please 5 to 10 men, cooking, cleaning,

and sewing, while they do more challengig

and interesting work or play

their guitars or if you’re pretty

enough ey’ll take time out to ball


Vol, ;1



——- by Jerry Farber

School is where you let the

dying society put its trip on you.

Our schools may seem useful to make

children into doctors, sociologists,

engineers-~to discover things. But

they’re poisonous as well. They make

democracy unlikely. And it’s not

what you’re taught that does the harm

but how you’re taught. Our schools

teach”You by pushing you around, by

stealing your will and your sense of

power, by making timid, square, pathetic

slaves out of you–authority


Schooling doesn’t have to be

this destructive. If it weren’t compulsory,

if schools were autonomous

and were run by the people in them,

then we could learn without being

subdued and stupified in the process.

And, perhaps, we could regain control

of our own society.

Students can change things if

they want to because they have the

power to say “no.”. When you go to

school, you’re doing society a favor.

And when you say 11no. 11 , you wi thold

much more than your attendance. You

deny continuity to this dying society;

you put the future on strike. Students

can have the kind of school

they want–because there isn’t going

to be any school at all without them.



In fact, for most of your school

life, it doesn’t make that much difference

what subject you are taught.

The real lesson is the method, The

medium in school truly is the message.

And the medium is, above all, coercive.

You’re forced to attend. The

subjects ARE required. You have to

do homework. You must obser~chool

rules. And throug~, you 1 re bullied

into docility and submissiveness~

Even modern liberal refinements don’t

really help. So you’re called an


e • • instead of a dummy. So, they

send you to a counRelor instead of

beating you. It’s still not your

choice to be there. They may pad the

handcuffs–but the handcuffs stay on.

The true and enduring content of

education is its method. The method

that currently prevails in schools is

standardized, impersonal and coercive.

What it teaches best is–itself. If,

on the other hand, the method were

individual, human and free, it would

teach that. It would not, however,

mesh o”T!loothly into the mac.hine we seen

to have chosen as a model for our


What is it that they’re teaching

~? Twelve years pitted against your

classmates in a daily Roman circus.

The game is “Doing What You’re Told.”

The winners get gold stars, affection.

envy; they get A’s and E’s, honors,

awards and college scholarships. The

losers get humiliation and degredation

Students ~e

politic~ I pRisoneRS

Why does the medium of education

effect us so deeply while its purported

content–the subject matter–so

often slips our minds7 This is partly

because the content varies from year

to year while the form remains more

Our schools make democracy unlikely

because they ~ rob the people,

who are supposed to be sovereign,

of their ability to will meaningful

institutional changes.

or less the same; but also because the The democratic ideal–to which

form–a structure of rules, punish- even the most conservative college

me.nts, rewards–affects us directly in trustees will usually give lip sera

real way, while the subject matter vice–means government of, by and

may have no such immediate grasp on for the people. It means power in

your lives. After all, don’t we tend the hands of the people. Our

to learn best what matters most? schools, however, remain less

Under a coercive system, it isn’t sui ted to this ideal than to an

really the subject that matters; what authoritarian society; they are

matters most is pleasing the authori- more effective in teaching abeties.

Those two are far from the same dience than in fostering freedom.

thing. Our textbooks may teach one kind of

The medium of schooling, by the political system but the method by

way,covers much more than assignments,

grading, rules, and so on. If how

you’re taught exerts a profound

effect, what about the physical environment?

What does a classroom


Consider how most classrooms are

set up. Everyone is turned toward the

scholar and away from the classmates.

You can’t see the faces of those in

front of you) you have to twist your

neck to see the person behind you.

Frequently, seats are bolted to the

floor or fastened together in rigid

rows. This classroom, like the grading

system, isolates students from each

other and makes them passive receptacles.

All the action, it implies,

is at the front of the room.

The scariest thing about a classroom

is that it acts as a sort of

which our schools c..perate teaches

another. And the method wins out

over the textbooks overwhelmingly. A

more substancial degree of democracy

will become likely only when we

understand that pOliti~9l freedom is

not merely a constitutiOnal matter;

it’s also a state of mind, which can

either be nurtured or blighted in


But can you feel any of this? psychological switch. You walk into

Can you und~rstand what has been done a classroom; some things switch on in

to your mind? We get so used to the you and others switch off. All sorts

~ou. ycu.fÄ~ p e.tlp\’e.. tu.\\

t)~ VI~OU.t Q\\0 Ä/lT<l.Ä~r~

O..t’te. \f\ *Ä…~ b\oul”<\ of

Äi~e1 \1\<.-e +~~ Hlt\o-t

e.Ä~h..-Ä Ot’ 1\.\,1\.e.. \\\.1-\…4!

l”<‘.Ot-tÄÄtÄ~ Ou’ ~op~

t~ p lo.ce& l’f\.. ~ou.:n,e

W”Dr-to hlolÄ~~ to

you. pressure that ~e scarecely are of weird unreal things start to happen.

concious of it ‘Without making some Any teacher who has tried simply to be

effort. real i.n a classroom knows what I’m

-:::-::~-.::-::::””————- talking about .•• you walk in and every- -.1————–J…-

fJ’~ S G II one’s face is a mask.


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