Masthead design by Jono Weiss, 1971

11 responses to “Masthead

  1. Greetings Comrades,
    What a great idea, thanks of setting this up Michael, and thanks Sue for making him do it.
    Guess I have to pull out some Detroit photos and post.
    I’ts funny I was just telling my 16 year old son
    about the Red Tide days, some of the best days of my life.

    • Yes do so please. I would like to see some of the photos U have to reminisce on. I was a member of Detroit’s Red Tide back n the 70’s and we need to reform and unite cause there’s a lot of causes we can take a stand on and for today.

  2. Arnita,

    What a great message. Would love to have your pix and memories up here.


  3. Thank you for creating this site, Michael, I love reading the articles from way back when and so many issues are still relevant today. You were always an advocate for the broader viewpoint and gave those viewpoints a voice through the Red Tide. For awhile in time, high school was not defined, as it is today, through the perceptions of an OC television show.
    Glad you are still out there doing what you do best! Stir it up!

  4. Lisa,

    Thanks for your feedback and encouragement!


  5. Kyle hoppy Hopkins

    The Red Tide is the Star of the story of my life.

  6. time to reissue the t-shirts.

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  9. At some point the story of administration’s acts hostility towards student dissidents will come out in more detail and clarity. There were also the kids that pretended to be our friends that fingered us, betrayed us to the admins. I remember, I forgive but I will not forget or shut up until I die.

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